Traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage

Tuina is an ancient Chinese acupressure massage technique

Pain-relieving massage for specific ailments, slimming and wellness massage

Tuina relieves muscle pain and common ailments such as:

  • headaches,
  • digestion issues (e.g.: constipation),
  • chronic colds,
  • restlessness,
  • sleep disorders
  • emotional issues.

But you can also receive an energy rebalancing (wellness or slimming) massage

Tuina traditional Chinese acupressure massage is one of the most ancient massage techniques, well before shiatsu.

Together with acupuncture, Chinese nutrition, qi gong and Chinese herbs,  Tuina is one of the five tools of traditional Chinese medicine, that treat the body’s energy imbalances. It is very different from Western massage techniques, as it is based on acupuncture meridians and its aim is to improve the Qi, body fluids and blood flow.

You can do a full Tuina session but Tuina can also be used together with one or two other traditional Chinese medicine tools.

A typical Tuina session is a dynamic mix of massage techniques and pressure points

From a Western perspective, Tuina is considered as an energizing massage.
A Tuina session is a dynamic mix of massage techniques and pressure points. During the session, there are major changes in the rhythm of the massage.
The massages techniques vary tremendously depending on what the massage aims at, on the imbalance, on the part of the body, on the age and on the physical condition: pressure, kneading, vibration, percussion, wobbling, joint lubrication, shaking techniques…

These techniques are practiced with the fingers, the palm or edge of the hand, the entire hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, or even knees.
Most pain-relieving massages are short massages (that approximately last half an hour), most of the time lying on the massage table, fully dressed with comfortable clothes on.

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JustEssentiel - A propos de JustEssentiel

Tuina boosts the body’s ability to heal itself

Tuina works on the different parts of the body and also works inside: on top of obvious joint and muscle relief, it has an indepth action on the body’s energy and restores its physiological and psychological balance: it modifies/restores the Qi (vital energy) flow, that is boosted via pressure points in differents ways according to what the treatment aims at, and therefore relieves blockages and muscle tension, it helps the Qi and blood flow more smoothly, and eases pain. In doing this, it boosts the body’s ability to heal itself: there’s a better, more harmonious flow within the muscles, tendons and joints, but also more indepth through the meridians.

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Huile essentielle de camomille romaine

Tuina is based on the theory of the Qi flow through the acupuncture meridians

The Chinese traditional medicine approach is dramatically different from Western medicine: Qi (vital energy) flows in your body through meridians. The Qi, blood and body fluids flow can be blocked, which generates “bottlenecks” in some parts of the body whilst in other parts, the 
traffic is slowed. These two types of imbalances trigger health issues.

Tuina works on those imbalances to restore the body’s balance.

The information on this website is not complete, the treatments do not claim to replace medical advice. Only a physician is allowed to make a diagnosis in case of medical problems.

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