To be in good health is natural!

Céline Clara Flambart,

Tuina, Aromatherapy

and Ear Reflexology Therapist 

« In all cultures

and in all the medical traditions

that preceded ours,

healing was accomplished

through shifting energies. »

Albert Szent-Györgyi, biochemist and Nobel Prize

A total change in my career path

It is thanks to what my life experiences taught me that I can help other people.

After studying translation and interpreting, I followed a marketing/communications management career for 25 years at a rapid pace. After a painful professional experience, like it happens in the business environment, I realized that this kind of career no longer met my expectations. This last business experience was a breaking point. I turned my life around, to connect myself again with my true nature and needs, and experienced joy in life again and found my balance.

My life experiences made me ”grow”, and thanks to what they taught me, I can help other people.

A true desire to take care of other people

A lot of people are faced with a lot of suffering in their lives. As I’ve myself tested a number of strategies to overcome the suffering, I can now offer you new paths to restore your balance and take your health in your hands.

On my my way, I made two wonderful encounters : essential oils and traditional Chinese medicine. I also met new friends and guides, people who could listen to me and help me in this changing process.
 I say thank you with all my heart to Chantal, Linda, Isalia, Isabelle, Sandra, Henri, Valérie, Wendy, Hélène, Rikke, Geneviève, Rosy, Denis and Bérangère for their precious councelling and presence.
During that process, I also read, learnt and tested a good many personal development, meditation, let go, traditional Chinese medicine and psychology techniques and books…

I then decided to share this experience and chose to help people deal better with their health with a “self-healing” approach. The hardships I have overcome allowed me to develop strategies to overcome those difficult stages, and I wish to share those strategies to help people regain their balance and take their health into their own hands.

A bridge between essential oils and traditional Chinese medicine

Together with Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the very few ancient comprehensive medical systems

When I started my essential oils training, I did it for family purpose… but soon realized how powerful they were, especially when it comes to emotional issues. I decided to go one step further in this holistic physical, mental and emotional approach, beyond visible physical ailments. 
This led me to traditional Chinese medicine, whose subtle vision of life fascinates me every single day: it is based on the empirical study of peasants who carefully observed and analyzed nature and human life cycles, several thousands of years ago, in order to understand how it works, and to find keys to treat the imbalances that trigger diseases. 
Thanks to thousands of years of practice, and because they questioned what they had found when it was not entirely satisfactory, this very complex medical system just works: it is one of the only complete ancient medical systems, together with ayurveda. 
Learn more about the WHO 2014-2023 Strategy for Traditional Medicine. As Dr Margaret Chan, General Manager of the WHO, stated at the International Conference on Traditional Medicine for South-East Asian Countries in February 2013: ‘For many millions of people, herbal medicines, traditional treatments, and traditional practitioners are the main source of health care, and sometimes the only source of care. This is care that is close to homes, accessible and affordable. It is also culturally acceptable and trusted by large numbers of people. The affordability of most traditional medicines makes them all the more attractive at a time of soaring health-care costs and nearly universal austerityTraditional medicine also stands out as a way of coping with the relentless rise of chronic non-communicable diseases.” 

I also use other complementary tools that I will not elaborate on here: ear reflexology (in particular for acute pain) and Yi King (as a tool to better know my customers).

Aromatherapy and traditional Chinese medicine share the following:

A holistic approach, a vision of health based on a balance to restore and maintain, in keeping with Mother Nature, and a value system based on love, humility, ethics and respect 

Both systems share a holistic approach, beyond visible physical ailments. 
The purpose is to identify the cause of the issue based on all the signs, in order to restore the balance (illness is seen as the expression of an imbalance). As each person is unique, both offer a customized approach, depending on the symptoms, the person’s ‘terrain’, condition, story and former issues. Nature is key both for traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy: essential oils are what the plant needs to survive in its environment or to protect itself from possible attacks. All the theories that support traditional Chinese medicine are based on a very fine observation of the universe. Another key point is “intention”: a good acupuncturist doesn’t insert acupuncture needles under the skin without a specific intention; using essential oils comes round to connecting to the genetic heritage of the plant; through their fragrance, they deliver a message. 
Both systems also share common values that I cherish:  love, humility, respect, responsibility and ethics.

I’m trained both in aromatherapy and Tuina traditional Chinese acupressure massage

Scientific and emotional training in Aromatherapy, Tuina acupressure massage training (as one of the tools of traditional Chinese medicine)

I no longer believe in coincidences, and I’m aware that during my manager years, I developed my listening and human skills: the business world, with all its imbalances, is a great learning field!

I was lucky to be trained in Aromatherapy by Isabelle Lemoine, former student of Dominique Baudoux (a famous international aromatherapy expert, author of many publications)… And I was lucky to enjoy a customized training session, as we were only two trainees!

In October 2015, I started a 5-year training course in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Les Arts du Tao, in Nice, and my Tuina diploma marks the end of the first part of it.

In 2015, I was also trained in Ear Reflexology (which is the ”ear equivalent” of foot reflexology) and in Yi King (customer insight tool based on one the landmark books of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

The information on this website is not complete, the treatments do not claim to replace medical advice. Only a physician is allowed to make a diagnosis in case of medical problems.

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